• 10/25/16: Prom Vault 2016 was totally awesome. In ever definable way. Find the results on the meets page. See you next year. Thanks again to MF for sponsoring.
  • 10/12/16: Prom Vault 2016 has be rescheduled and will be on Friday, Oct 21st with warmups at 6pm INDOORS. Warmups will start at 6pm with the competition beginning at 7pm. Details on the meets page. Since we're inside this time, the date is guaranteed. Hope to see you there!
  • 10/1/16: UPDATE: Prom Vault 2016 has to be postponed due to weather reasons unfortunately. We are searching for a later date in October to hold it indoors. Please stay tuned. Sorry for the late notice.
  • 9/24/16: Prom Vault 2016 will be on Oct 2nd at 2pm. Warmups will start at 2pm with the competition beginning promptly at 3pm. Details on the meets page. If you thought last year was spectacular, you'll be floored this year.

About Us:

The Most Intense Technique Pole Vault Club was established to give vaulters in the New England region a place to practice and compete during the summer months. With experienced staff and great facilities, the Tech Pole Vault Club is well suited to help vaulters of all levels improve and strive for their goals. We welcome all levels of experience to the club including those hoping to learn the event (for the collegiate decathlon, introduction of the event to their high school league, or any other reason).

Vaulters can look forward to:

  • Two new UCS #1900 pit (large landing area for safety - 1 indoor, 1 outdoor)
  • An extensive pole inventory of over 80 poles (although we encourage vaulters to bring their own)
  • An outdoor and indoor facility to accomodate any type of weather
  • A talented and diverse coaching staff (including two DIII All-Americans and a world level vaulter)
  • A coaching approach based off of a deep understanding of the physical fundamentals of the event leading to good habits, clean technique, and safe jumps
  • A desire to help all levels of vaulters
  • Lots of fun and of course, lots of pole vaulting

Our training combines drills, short approach, and full approach vaulting. We also use video for self-analysis and review of pro technique. Because speed and strength are so crucial to the event, our staff can also assist an athlete in designing a workout routine right for them if requested. We are located at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Ma across the river from Boston.

At the Tech Pole Vault Club, we aim to create a fun and safe environment for vaulters of all levels to learn and improve. We hope you'll join us.