Practices are held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology near the Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center. Please use the link below for a map of the location.

Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Our facilities and equipment page also has the above map and more information about the location.


After 5pm on weekdays and on weekends or holidays, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology officially allows parking in the following lots (please click on them for a map of their location on the campus):

N10 Lot

Windsor Lot

Both of these parking lots are within about a block or so of the main campus and track. However, we have never seen any problem with parking in the West Annex Lot which is directly across from the track. This lot is outdoors and can be seen across from the track when traveling on Vassar St. There are also many parking spots on Vassar St. and Massachusetts Ave. that may be open.

We always encourage carpooling because it is good for the world and makes it easier to park.