To participate with the Most Intense Technique Pole Vault Club, each memeber must be a USATF member. The USATF membership is $30 for adults and $20 for minors (under 18 years old) for the calendar year. Click here to sign up for USATF membership. An athlete's USATF membership and the club's USATF membership together provide a level of insurance required by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to use the school's equipment. We are USATF club #313.

On an athlete's first day with the club each year, they must provide:

  • Proof of USATF membership (receipt or other print out - Click here to sign up for USATF membership)
  • Completed member sign up form (click here  for the form)
  • Completed supplemental form and waiver (click here  for the form)

Please Note: USATF New England has recently strongly suggested that all vault competitions and programs have attending athletes complete the supplemental registration and waiver form in addition to the club's regular forms. Please, complete it as much as possible, and anything remaining can be filled in at the first practice.

For scheduling reasons, before your first practice, please contact Patrick Barragán at <mitpvc at gmail dot com> if you plan to join.


There is no registration fee to join the Tech Pole Vault Club.

Charging one flat price is much easier for us. Our price structure is as follows:

          Single Session: $20

If you can let us know when and how often you plan to attend practices, we will have a much easier time scheduling jump days.

With all volunteeer coaches, the fees will go to covering costs of renting the facilities and equpiment and benefiting track and field.

We are also always willing to accept donations to the club. If that is something you would like to do, please contact Patrick Barragán at <mitpvc at gmail dot com>.